Tuesday, 14 November 2017

"Dalek" Hydrolastic pump fix

Here you can see our little Churchill Hydrolastic pump feeling a bit sorry for himself. I've had him for a long time and his job is to pump up our Wolseley and several other Hydrolastic suspension cars, but most days he can play "Exterminate" as much he likes. Many years ago, shortly after I bought him, I took the pump apart and cleaned all the internal parts. I did notice a metal ball had fallen out, and even though there were several other ball (bearings) on the bench from previous jobs, I presumed I had refitted the ball that had fallen out of the Dalek. The pump worked good enough, but it needed very short strokes of the handle to pump up enough pressure. Pumping up a car just took a bit longer. I made a note to myself to check the pump every time I used it. As This is not a tool you use on a daily basis I ignored the issue for quite a few years. And then, a few weeks ago I had to pump up an MGF and decided to check a few manuals for the pressure needed on the F. I also found a manual describing what size steel ball was required. It turned out I needed a 3/16 Stainless steel ball! So I ordered a pack of twenty. Today it arrived and I decided it was time to see what size I find in there.
 Taking off the steel panels, the internal organs are quite simply a pump and a few pipes, hoses and several valves.
The valve with the 3/16 ball is actually inside this banjo fitting on the underside of the pump unit.
On the right you see the ball that I extracted. On the left the new ball of the correct size. It was easy to fit the new ball. As a test I pumped up the Wolseley. Much better!
As you can see this little Dalek feels much better now. Two arms in the air!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Cloudy kajak day

Though slightly colder it seemed a good day to grab the kajak to go for a paddle
Ready to cast off
 The low sun lighting up the trees and the water
Light filtering through the branches.
 Under the trees in a small kreek
 I wonder how long this old Military tyre has been here.
Beached the kajak to see a small(tiny) war memorial.
 Part of a crashed Hawker Typhoon mounted on the levee.
The plaque was badly bent. I straightened it as much as possible, so I could read the text.
Light failing quickly, so it's time to go back

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Moody November first

Very nice weather for the time of year.
Surprised to see sign of beaver here
The river is still at record low, so the trees are high and dry and all kind of lost items come into view. Like the waterski below.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Amazing Autumn paddle

 Beautiful colours. Actually, this is Japanese Knotweed.
 Fading light. Where is the sun?

 Behind this cloud. Something's brewing here.
Blondie is saying "Hi" 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Morris Minor Shock absorber fix

There was some play at the main shaft of one of the front shock absorbers of the Minor. As most suppliers of Minor parts expect a rebuildable example in return before shipping rebuilt items, this was not an option and it took some time to find a working replacement.
By chance I spoke to the friendly proprietor of Minorel and he had a usable shock absorber for us. Within days it came, complete with Polyurethane bushes, pivot pin, lockshims and a locknut. 
This is the old item with play in the main shaft.
 The bushes slipped on easily almost without any pressure.

The whole assembly in place. The blue bushes don't clash with the blue arm from the painted shockabsorber.
The final result. The new bushes and painted shock absorber look good and a test run showed it was a succes. 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Eastern Bloc car day

Quite a few people turned up in their interesting Eastern Bloc automobiles at the local Skoda Museum. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Another Wolseley day

Weather promised to be really bad, but even though we had a little rain on the way, to the start the run itself was dry, but cool. Very nice. The autumn leaves and even a little sun, made for a beautiful run.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Austin Ten Conway Service

The Austin Ten didn't get out as much as we'd like while other cars took much of our time, but after a nice run last Sunday I realised it was a while since the last service. So I treated the car to some new oil in the engine, grease in the fittings and a general check up. The battery needed replacement too as I had to borrow the battery from the Special for our drive. Now they're both all charged up and ready to spark.